John Halker

Co-Founder, The Better App Company
Renowned psychotherapist, broadcaster and writer

John Halker, Co-Founder of The Better Company, is a consultant psychotherapist with over 30 years experience helping people to overcome mental and emotional health issues. As well as running his clinics in London and Guernsey, John travels in Europe and beyond, lecturing and training in psychotherapeutic techniques.

He is passionate about helping people to overcome trauma, and has been working with PTSD Resolution, a long-established British charity, helping service veterans to overcome trauma.

Peter Grange

Co-Founder, The Better App Company
Experienced marketer and communications expert

Peter is a qualified marketer with over 20 years of creative and digital advertising agency experience. Having experienced personal mental health issues in 2017, and meeting John, they joined forces to establish The Better App Company - a health tech company making apps to save and improve lives.

Peter is founder of a creative and digital marketing agency called Oi. Since 2019 Peter and John have released two apps; The new Better app and the Better Stop Suicide app, which has saved many lives and been used by tens of thousands of people.

Ros Townsend

Leading psychotherapist and author specialising in PTSD

Ros Townsend has an enormous wealth of experience as a busy psychotherapist, working with all forms of emotional distress including stress, anxiety, depression and addiction, and a special interest in working with trauma PTSD. She has published a number of books on the subject of psychotherapy and mental health, her most recent being the authoritative tome on PTSD in service veterans.

Piers Bishop

UK National Committee for Professional Standards in CBT

Piers Bishop has a wealth of experience as a psychotherapist, having been active on the committee for standards in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Piers has trained and lectured in psychotherapeutic techniques, and he has particular experience in resolving PTSD, being a Founder of PTSD Resolution, a UK national charity helping traumatised service veterans and their families. Piers is also Co-Founder of We Thrive, a leading engagement tool.

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Northern Lights
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