Better Stop Suicide app features

Life-saving message

We all have an inner voice that drives us to keep on moving forward. Let it be heard by recording yourself a life-saving message.

Calming audio files

Follow calming guided audios written by leading industry experts to help you use your thinking brain.

Key phone contacts

Gain instant access to connect with another person from your phone book, keeping your treasured contacts close when you need them most.

Gratitude checklist

Take the time to think about anything that you’re grateful for in life however big or small it may be.

Built-in alarm clock

We have a really important task in store for everyone who uses the app, so we want to make sure you’re up and ready to go.

Better sleep audio

Time to drift off to into a peaceful and relaxing night’s rest with soothing audio tailored to your needs.

Emotional needs check

A quick-check of questions help us to understand your emotional needs in order to help you in the best ways possible.

Feel better tasks

Keep-up three simple, helpful tasks to make you feel better any day you need to.

Help get your OK back

97% of people who have considered or planned suicide said 3 months later they are very happy that they changed their mind and are still alive.

Much of the work in this app is to calm and slow your mind, and to help you to use your thinking brain.

The app will help you experience a soothing night of restful sleep, so you can wake the next day with an important task for you to complete. A task that will help save your life.

Life’s worth living

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME OUT. I am only 11 but I feel like I want to commit suicide but this app has helped me a lot so thank you very much!

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This is a nice kind app, I hate to admit it but I did want to ... so I downloaded this app and I love it! Thanks

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Anybody in distress should keep the app on their phone and use when needed... it's very GOOD .... I'm still here as a result of the app.

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Northern Lights

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Northern Lights
The importance of sleep
Various clever parts of our mind enable us to dream in metaphors to rebalance our emotions, waking the next day feeling refreshed.
The science of addiction
What is the difference between somebody who has spent their life totally able to dip into the use of alcohol or drugs and those who are tortured the moment they try to stop themselves indulging in their chemical stimulation? The answer is, we don’t know.