Understanding pain
Pain can be a really useful thing, as it is a very clear, and sometimes loud, signal that something is wrong. Our deeper understanding allows us to see that every pain has physical and psychological elements
Better inspiration - Buddhist saying
It's within your power to decide whether you suffer, thus prolonging your emotional response to pain, or work through negativity and find release.
Managing anger
There are many myths about anger, perhaps the most damaging of which is that it’s best to ‘let it out’ and express it. Finding ways to practice mindfulness, either through meditation or simply being absorbed in an activity, can greatly help.
Better inspiration - Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin knew that the quiet solitude of early morning is the best time to compose yourself, get clear about your goals and the direction of your life
Are you feeling present?
Are there times when you don't feel 'present' for those close to you? It's all too easy to allow the stresses and grind of daily life distract our attention from those dear to us.
Anxiety as lockdown eases
The greater exposure and the more open our 'bubble' comes, the more concerns we might have which can lead to increased anxiety. Learning to relax is likely to have a significant positive impact on your emotional and physical health.

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