Recognising the symptoms of stress in yourself is important, and may help you to find the right way to deal with it. Being more worried, tense, frightened, tired, elated, depressed, anxious or angry may all be indications that you are stressed.

A major cause of stress for many may be the fear of change, and the uncertainty that arises when change intervenes in our lives leaving us with a feeling of having little or no control of our own future. Other causes can be lifestyle choices such as too much caffeine, lack of sleep, overloaded schedule, poor diet, lack of exercise, pessimistic thinking, self-criticism, over analysing, and all-or-nothing thinking.

Everyone is different, with unique perceptions of, and reactions to, events. There is no single level of stress that is optimal for all people. Some are more sensitive, due to experiences in childhood, the influence of teachers, parents, religion, etc. Much of the stress we experience can be self-generated. How we perceive life - whether an event makes us feel threatened or stimulated, encouraged or discouraged, happy or sad - depends to a large extent on how we perceive ourselves.

Of course, stress at home or in relationships can also be a major contributory factor, so real stressors such as moving home, changing jobs, bereavement, being a victim of crime, or any one of a number of external stressors, will take its toll. Self-generated stress is something of a paradox, because so many people think of external causes when they are upset. Recognising that we create many of our own upsets is an important first step towards coping with them.

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