The importance of sleep
Various clever parts of our mind enable us to dream in metaphors to rebalance our emotions, waking the next day feeling refreshed.
The science of addiction
What is the difference between somebody who has spent their life totally able to dip into the use of alcohol or drugs and those who are tortured the moment they try to stop themselves indulging in their chemical stimulation? The answer is, we don’t know.
How grief feels
Grief is an emotion that is not limited to death, but can be felt as a result of loss of any kind. It can feel stifling, huge, and completely overwhelming, sometimes striking with no warning.
Choose happiness
“Money can’t buy happiness” - it’s a saying we’ve all heard, but how true is it?
Inner peace
Unless we can unhook from the habit of seeking fulfillment outside of ourselves, it’s unlikely we’ll find genuine contentment within.
Take a Better moment
Better moments are designed to be repeated throughout the day and encourage mindfulness through moments of calm.

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